MTN Data Plan: N25 For 500MB and Other MTN Data Plans

In this publication, we look at the MTN night plan, how to subscribe and its benefits. These plans grant bonuses to the data and the call rate within the periods of validity.

MTN is one of the largest and most significant mobile phone operators in Nigeria and Africa. MTN offers several plans for each type of person that is most suitable for them and to understand these you know more about their plans and their benefits.

They are classified as the second largest Internet subscribers in Nigeria, after GLO according to the NCC. Although they qualify the second terms of subscribers, there is no doubt that they have the largest network coverage in Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria has Internet services balanced regarding speed, price, and volume of data. These may not be enough for you to download your favorite movies, series, games, and favorites during the day, but from your ridiculous and impressive cheap night plan with a large volume of data to download at night? Yes, they do it.

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Features And About the MTN Night Plan

The midnight MTN plan is also called Pulse MTN frees night navigation as it works on the MTN Pulse. The MTN night plan is mainly for people who need additional data to download more or for those who have things to explore during the night.

Many people have been enjoying 500MB for the N25 night plan since July 2016 to date because it is one of the cheapest night plans, among others, that include.

In this article, we will show you how to subscribe to any of these plans according to your income.

MTN Night Data Plans

  • Pay N25 And Get 500MB On MTN Night Plan
  • Pay N200 And Get 1GB On MTN Night Plan,
  • Pay N500 And Get 2.5GB On MTN Night Plan
  • Pay N25 And Get 500MB On MTN Night Plan

This plan is suitable for both light and heavy users and for those who do not sail at night. This plan is straightforward to activate.

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE To MTN Night Plan With N25 To Get 500MB

To enjoy the midnight subscription with N25 for 500MB, you must first migrate to the MTN pulse;

  • simply dial * 406# and answer with 1
  • Strive to have the N25 in your phone, modem or MIFI
  • Send NIGHT to 131 via SMS, and you will receive a message that will indicate that you have subscribed to the night of free
  • navigation between 00:00 and 04:00 according to the time you subscribed and will deduct N25 from your account.

NOTE: All SIM cards are entitled to ONE activation per night, but if there are more than two MTN SIMs, then you can get up to 2GB at an economical N100 rate with four different MTN SIM cards. Is not it fun? Well, you might think it’s a nocturnal mare if you can only try it, then you’ll know it’s true.

Follow these guidelines for the data plans and how to activate the MTN night plan.

  • Recharge 200 naira for 1GB (9 a.m. to 6 a.m.)
  • Recharge 500 naira for 2.5gb (9 am to 6 am)
  • Recharge 1000 naira for 5GB (9 am to 6 am)

Dial *198#, then answer with 2, then click on 8 to activate MTN 1gb, 2.5gb and 5gb for the night plan. The list of MTN night plans will appear on your screen. Do not doubt that this is real. Simply reload and subscribe and see how it works.

How to check the MTN night plan Balance of 500MB FOR N25

You can use the data usage on your Android phone and the statistics interface of MTN quick links on the PC to know how much data has been used up.

NOTE: The problem of the faces of the majority of the users is like their plan of midnight naira N25 stopping before using its 500MB. Yes, this happens when you subscribe to MTN 500mb for the N25night plan before 12 a.m. This plan works efficiently if you sign up after 12:10 a.m. and later.

Secondly, the night plan can be activated at night with an MTN SIM card once per night, when you have more than two MTN SIM cards you get a higher rate of 2 GB to navigate and download at a cheaper rate of N100 with four different SIM cards.

Finally, the night plan MTN 25 naira is active and usable only within 12 a.m. at 4 a.m.

How to keep using your MTN night plan data after 6AM

It is short, simple and easy when using your laptop, which can keep your MTN night plan for longer even after 6 a. M.

All you have to do is keep your modem intact without disconnecting it from your laptop after 6 a. M. You may be tired and want to rest after the search in the early hours of the morning, but if you’re going to continue, quickly reconnect your modem to your system.

Prices of the mtn data plan for Android devices, iPhones and modems


30mb per 100 naira

This plan offers 30 MB with a refill of 100 Naira, validity period of 24 hours. To subscribe to this plan, simply send “104” to “131”.

100mb for 200 naira

This plan offers you 100mb with a 200 naira refill, validity period of 24 hours. To subscribe to this plan, simply send “113” to “131”.


750 MB per 500 naira

This plan offers 750 MB with a refill of 500 naira, with a validity period of 7 days. Wow, exciting right! To subscribe to this data plan simply send a text message “103” to “131”


5GB per 1,000 naira

This plan offers you 1.5GB with a refill of 100 naira, validity period of 30 days. To subscribe to this plan, simply send “106” to “131.”

5GB for 2,000

This plan offers 3.5 GB with a refill of 2,000 naira, validity period of 30 days. To subscribe simply type “110” to “131”

10GB per 5,000

This data plan offers you 10 GB with the 5,000-naira top-up, validity period of 30 days. To subscribe, simply send the text “116” to “131”

22GB to 10,000

This plan offers you 22GB with the recharge of 10,000 naira, validity period of 30 days. To subscribe, simply send the text “117” to “131”


This plan offers you 50 GB with a refill of 20,000 naira, a validity period of 60 days. To subscribe, simply send the text “118” to “131”


This plan offers you 85 GB with a refill of 50,000 naira, validity period of 90 days. To subscribe, simply send the text “133” to “131”

How to check MTN Data balance on android and iPhone

To verify your balance, simply send an SMS from “102” to “131” and you will receive an instant feedback message of the amount of remaining data and the due date.

MTN night plan for call rates

Previously, MTN’s free midnight calls were not free, because you would have to recharge up to 100 naira on your mobile phone. Now you can make calls on your MTN SIM card with a minimum of NO.00 on your MTN SIM card. This plan and MTN’s amazing mid-night call offers you an unlimited time to call all MTN lines only within 12:30 a.m. at 4:30 a.m. To subscribe to this plan, simply dial * 460 * 3 #


MTN Zone

This plan allows MTN-MTN calls at least 4k / sec.

MTN TruTalk +

These plans provide a means to make calls at a lower rate.

Local numbers: 11kobo / sec
International numbers: 20kobo / sec
Accession rate of the N5 MTN zone (day by day)

MTN XtraSpecial postpaid

This plan is perfect for international calls.

Calls: 15kobo / sec for local and international networks
No daily membership fee, no first-minute charge for all networks in Nigeria


MTN Beta Talk

Did you know that with N100 and more you can get a 200% usage time bonus (this cannot affect your main balance, start counting when your bonus ends) pretty well! Also 10MB / week and national calls for 40kobo / sec.

More Surprises

  • If you prepay N100, you will get N300.
  • If you prepay N200 you will get N600.
  • If you prepay N300, you’ll get N900.

This is great, do not you think?

MTN ipulse

This plan is one of the most publicized and impressive MTN plans.

MTN calls: 15 kobo / sec or 11kobo / sec after 40 kobo / sec for 60 seconds to the entire MTN line
40 kobo / s in NO MTN lines
N500 for 1GB a week
N25 for 500 MB / night
Prepaid for N100-10MB (once a week / 24 hours)


MTN ipulse

* 406 # and select 1

MTN XtraSpecial postpaid

* 408 # and select 1

MTN Beta Talk

* 123 * 2 * 6 #

MTN TruTalk +

* 123 * 20 #

MTN area

* 135 * 1 #

Note: All SIM cards are entitled to one-time activation per night, but if you have more than one sim MTN, you can get up to 2GB at the economical price of N100 with 4 different MTN SIM cards. Remember that this plan can only be used between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.

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