How to Become a Distributor of All Tin Tomato Brands

Tomato paste can add a punch of deep, rich flavor to your dishes — or spoil them with tin flavors. (Getty Images)

Tin tomato or tomato paste made from the popular agricultural farm produce called tomato is a beverage category in West Africa and central that’s very important to the diet of most African households.

Are you Interested to become a tomato paste distributor? Or most importantly do you seek articles that can help you become a distributor of Gino tomato, tasty tom tomato, derica tomato, Giko tomato, tomato jus, etc?

Well, looking further because you’re in the right place. Do note that some of these tomato paste or tin tomato as its popularly called by Nigerians are locally made, examples are tomato jus, De Rica, tasty Tom, and festin being manufactured by Olam group.

Olam group is a $500 million company in Nigeria, it launched her own tomato paste, Tasty Tom, in Nigeria 4 years ago and have become the second largest branded tomato paste producer in West Africa.

While the likes of Gino tomato are an international tomato paste producer based in China. Believe you me when I say Gino tomato is giving local manufacturers a run for their money.

Consumers place high demand on Gino tomato due to its quality both in taste and in packaging.

These tomato manufacturers rely upon a team of professional food distributors who are known for their reputation and customer service. At present, due to the huge competition in the market, these companies are enrolling new distributors across Across Africa and Nigeria.

These opportunities are only open for a limited period and the positions are being filled up fairly quickly.

If you have requisite infrastructure, sound financial background, good reputation in the market and are interested in buying and distributing any of the tin tomato products, we are happy to inform you that you can visit the websites of these tomato paste manufacturers to enable them determine your suitability to be associated with their brand.

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