List of Best Money Transfer Apps to Africa from Australia, USA and UK

Lots of currency transfer companies now offer mobile apps that let you send money around the world from the convenience of your phone.

I’ve listed here a selection of the most reliable apps from major international money transfer providers, and outlined which one is right for you.

These services allows you to Send directly to the recipient’s bank account. All you need to do is; Simply enter your money transfer destination and the amount you wish to send for an instant estimate of today’s exchange rate.

Here we go.

Transferwise App

Transferwise AppValued at over 1.5 billion dollars, TransferWise is the fastest growing global money transfer company. And it shows. The TransferWise app is one of the best in the market – a fantastic way to deliver money overseas within seconds. The app even shows you how much you save when you make a transaction with their price comparison calculator, so even if they aren’t the cheapest option, they let you know. If that’s not transparent, we don’t know what is.

Additional Features:

  • Geographic Availability. US, UK, EU and AUS
  • Device Availability. iPhone, Android and Smartwatch
  • Payment Methods. Debit Card (Europe), Bank Credit Card And Bank Wire
  • Transfer limits. Minimum: $10
  • Special Features. Compatible With Apple Pay, SWIFT, Supports Wallet (enter card details quickly) and Family Sharing
  • Other Features. Keep All Of Your Receipts In One Place
  • Other Features. Easily Repeat Your Previous Transfers


World Remit MobileSpecialising in sending remittances to Asia or Africa, WorldRemit has an accompanying app. If you need a truly global, flexible, safe and quick money transfer service, then the WorldRemit app is perfect for you. The app lets you send money from more than 50 countries to over 140 countries worldwide. The best thing is, you can complete instant or near-instant mobile money transfers, bank deposits, mobile airtime top-ups and cash pick-ups. WorldRemit’s app is also simple to use and very secure (backed by Norton software).

Additional Features:

  • Geographic Availability. USA, UK, EU, Asia, Africa and Australia
  • Device availability. iPhone and Android
  • Payment methods. debit card or bank wire
  • Special Features. Supports Wallet (enter card details quickly) and Family Sharing
  • Other Features. Send money to your recipient’s bank, cash pick-up
  • Other Features. Mobile-money function and airtime top up function

WorldFirst App

Worldfirst MobileWorldFirst was one of the first companies to embrace the money transfer app for payments. If you love your gadgets and you constantly need to move money back and forth between different currencies, this app may be best for you. The app is now available on iPhone, Android and Smart Watch.

Payments can be made in seconds, using a combination of taps and swipes. If you want to secure a good rate and you want to pay in one smooth, effortless transaction, you can. The app lets you track rates with historical charts and you can find out how much you’re saving compared to banks.

Additional Features:

  • Geographic availability. EU, UK and Australia
  • Device availability. iPhone, Android and Smart Watch
  • Payment methods. debit card (UK only), bank card or bank wire
  • Transfer limits. Minimum: USD $2,000+
  • Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
  • Other Featurers. Blogs with market updates as you wish


OFX MobileOFX (formally known as Ozforex) was born online and continues to develop easy, intuitive products like it’s mobile app. You can view live and historical exchange rates, set up rate alerts and manage and track all your transfers. For new users, you can also use the app to register for an OFX account.

Additional Features:

  • Geographic Availability: EU, UK, AUS, USA and CA
  • Device Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Payment methods: debit card or bank card locally, or with a bank wire
  • Transfer limits: Minimum: $150
  • Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
  • Other Features. They offer market updates

The Currency Shop Says:

OFX released its app a couple of years ago and there are very few reviews. Speaking from our own experience, the app is functional and simple to use. It allows you to view live exchange rates and set up alerts to your email, so if you’re looking for a basic app and a provider that gives you excellent exchange rates, OFX is a reasonable option.


XE is one of the worlds most recognisable brands for currency conversion. Their site fast became the most popular currency converter in the world. Their app is largely based around the same function. That is, helping you calculate the conversion of one currency to another. They also have an app specifically to make transfers overseas.

Additional Features:

  • Rate alerts and the ability to ‘follow’ currencies
  • Device Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Exchange rate comparison
  • Transfer limits: Minimum: $150
  • Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
  • Other Features. They offer market updates

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