How to Remove Temporary Ad Serving Limit Placed on Your Adsense Account

Google Adsense tries to protect it’s advert ecosystem as much as possible, as such monitor newly approved adsense accounts and regularly updates it’s policies. Peradventure you were recently approved on the Adsense program but got your account placed on “Temporary Ad Serving Limit” do not worry, there is a way to solve it as it is only temporary.

The reason Temporary Ad Serving Limit is Placed on Your Adsense Account is due to traffic concerns.


  1. Bot Traffic.
  2. Paid traffic from facebook adverts and social media adverts.
  3. Invalid traffic.

How you can Stop invalid traffic?

  1. Understand your ads site visitors and traffic by Google Analytics to get detailed information about your website visitors.
  2. Avoid partnering with untrustedllow-quality parties like purchase Traffic by Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Don’t click on your own Adsense ads, even if you think that ifs okay to do so. 4. Make Sure About Your Traffic It’s Organic.

In the meantime, we recommend that you review these resources on invalid traffic:

  1. Learn more How Google Adsense prevents invalid traffic.
  2. Learn more about how you can help to prevent invalid traffic.
  3. Learn more segment your traffic.
  4. Learn more about purchasing traffic.

I know you are reading this article because Google placed the annoying temporary ads limit on your newly approved adsense account. If this is the case, do not worry, we will solve the problem together.

Follow below step to fix above Error Temporary ad serving limit placed on your account issue.

Step 1. Do not buy traffic from Facebook, Instagram, etc. Adsense want quality(Organic) traffic always.

Step 2. Do not share your site link in any facebook group which is not related to your site content.

Step 3. If you are using facebook ad and Adwords, etc. service always target your micro-niche traffic do not give any Paid traffic to your site which is not related.

Ad serving has been limited time Banned. so don’t worry if you received an email from Google Adsense.

You can improve your website traffic quality by SEO Tips and Tricks.

Now This is my My Trick to get Live Ads back on your website.

It’s my personal experiment I will share with you to help you solve the error “Ad Serving Limit Placed On Your Adsense Account”.

Step 1. Go to your Website by Your keyword (i.e.Techtimes).

Step 2. Waite some time and scroll your site a few minutes. Suddenly you saw the below screenshot.

Step 3. It’s a form of Google servey by our website visitor and asks that what is Information provides this website.

If the visitor is satisfied with this information then fill all click without last click.

When I asked Google to “why am I being asked this question” Google answered me below screenshot.

Why am I being asked this question? This site is using a survey, powered by Google, to enable access to its content. Answering a quick question here gives you immediate access to the content you want without having to pay. These surveys contain questions written and provided by survey creators that want to conduct market research. The website you are visiting earns money from these surveys which helps to fund great web content.

Finally submit the feedback form.

Ads will start showing immediately you do this.

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