LEGO pieces: a more profitable investment than gold by 2022

Investing in LEGO pieces has become a safe bet for 2022, with higher returns than gold, jewelry, or real estate. Although investing in jewelry, gold, or real estate is usually the experts’ recommendation to get a return on your money in a more or less secure way, other assets can outperform this market. One of the rarest is LEGO pieces, a product that can become a very profitable business in 2022. Several economists from the Russian Higher School of Economics have found that LEGO pieces appreciate 11% annually, above gold, large stocks, or alternative investments. Undoubtedly, a rising market could be an exciting source of income in 2022. “Tens of thousands of deals are made on the secondary market for LEGO parts. Even considering the small prices of most sets, this is a huge market that is not well known to traditional investors,” Russian economists explain. lego parts

The market for LEGO parts

The study on the market of LEGO parts takes as a reference the trading transactions on the secondary market of new sets between 1987 and 2015. Judging by the years taken as the study period, it can be deduced that this investment has been a very profitable business for several decades. Although, like almost all of them, it has certain peculiarities. First, its high profitability is produced by the limited manufacture of LEGO pieces. A pure question of supply and demand, which takes on an additional boost if the packs being sold are unused. In addition, the study reveals a particular interest from the adult public, contrary to what might appear to be the case. Many have grown up playing at assembling LEGO pieces, which brings an emotional component to the business that allows the price to rise year after year. However, investing in LEGO pieces is not as easy as it sounds. Experts recommend that only people with the ability to differentiate the most exciting sets for buyers do so. And with sufficient storage capacity, this type of product does not begin to increase in value for at least three years.

Other profitable investments in unusual markets

LEGO pieces thus join a long list of investments that, despite being unusual, are very profitable in the medium and long term.

Whiskey barrels

It is a type of investment that does not stop growing since it is not affected by inflation or the global movements of the current economy and offers yields close to 15%. It was born in the ’80s to generate liquidity for the big malt Scotch whisky distilleries, which had difficulties to face the creation of a product that takes at least ten years to come to the market; and that, in the ’90s, after the boom in the consumption of the famous single malt around the world, it became a scarce product, coveted by all kinds of collectors and private investors.

Country estates

In recent months, investing in country estates has become a very profitable option, where security is the primary motivation. But, what are the different aspects that invest in rural properties an enjoyable activity? First of all, price stability. The cause of this phenomenon is to be found in the strength of the food sector. Regardless of the crises, this segment remains consistently strong.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of extraordinary businesses you can invest in. But you should remember that the more people talk about some potential business to invest in, the less profitable it will be in the future. Don’t be in a hurry investing your money, but do a deep research before making a decision.

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