The Best VPN Services for 2022

VPN is necessary for everyone who cares about the privacy and security of their data. With such a demand for services on the network, a colossal market has formed and it is difficult for a modern user to understand the abundance of offers. Below are detailed descriptions of several of the best VPN services.

What is a VPN?

Imagine that your channel of access to the global network is a stream that carries information in a full-flowing stream, and in this transparent water you can see everything that floats in it and where it moves. This is your internet traffic. In modern conditions, everyone is able to look into this stream and no one has good intentions.

The Best VPN Services for 2022

At best, it will be annoying ads or spam, at worst – a hack and unpleasant consequences for your wallet.

VPN helps to protect information about your real IP-address and what sites you go to from prying eyes.

What is VPN? This is a virtual private network, literally decrypted. The explanation for “dummies” is the continuation of the analogy with water. VPN is such a pipe laid along the stream bed, opaque and disguised. What flows and moves along it is visible only at the ends of the pipe. That is, on your side, where you connect, and on the side of the vpn server, the services of which you use.

Do I need a VPN? How to distinguish a good VPN from bad one?

What other convenience can you get by hiding your data stream from prying eyes? In addition to the obvious ones, such as the ability to freely use blocked RKNs to view websites and applications, you can hide any traffic going to and from your computer. You can not only go to the popular torrent tracker, but also safely download and transfer files with music, movies, books, programs. In addition, in online cinemas that restrict their content to certain countries (Netflex is a prime example), this “annoying misunderstanding” can be easily resolved when connected via a VPN server.

And yes, with frequent use of public Wi-Fi in transport, cafes and other places, VPN becomes a must. Such networks are just a hotbed for all kinds of viruses and spyware. There is no protection, devices on the network are visible to everyone, which is what attackers use. Obviously, in such conditions, you can easily track traffic.

Here are some general points to consider and define the criteria for choosing the best VPN.

There are two ways to connect to the Internet with a VPN:

  • browser extensions
  • special services and applications

Each solution has its pros and cons, but most importantly, it protects your privacy.

Extensions are installed directly into the browser, and in the case of Opera, they are even part of the default functionality. You just need to turn them on and that’s it. However, there are some limitations:

  • privacy only closes your surfing through a specific browser with an extension and only it, the rest of the traffic is not hidden or encrypted;
  • Internet speed for the browser will be limited and watching high-definition videos will be a test of patience.

Plus, the free solutions offer too few connectivity options. The list of servers to use is small, therefore, geolocation becomes limited to several countries, and the speed will decrease even more due to the distance from your country.

You can completely protect your traffic using an application that can be installed both on a stationary PC and on a mobile device with Android or iOS. A special program works constantly and reliably protects the entire flow of outgoing or incoming data from prying attention. Such solutions offer many services and in the free version the functionality does not differ much from browser extensions. However, it is still more convenient and safer. In addition, if you purchase a paid plan, then the speed is not limited and the choice of countries from which you will supposedly go online will be much greater.

And finally, there is another interesting option for organizing safe surfing, which is suitable for hiding the traffic of the entire home network. Laptops, desktops, androids, iPhones, home theaters, smart TVs – all network devices that connect to the Internet can be protected with one service. There are no free solutions here, but it will provide a permanent secure channel for everything that will be connected.

Major VPN service providers have dedicated router plans. It is enough to select a suitable router from the list of recommended ones and complete the configuration according to the instructions. And if you don’t know how to do it yourself, the technical support of the service will help you – that’s why it exists.

There is one more plus – even outside the home you can use the VPN service using the same username and password.

There are now plenty of services to provide secure connections on the network. Above were presented the ways in which you can ensure yourself a safe surfing on the Internet. And usually, a good VPN provides everything.

Special attention is paid to the possibility of using the service in countries where the use of vpn technology is prohibited. Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Belarus have legally banned encrypting traffic and letting it pass through other countries.

However, in Belarus, for example, all VPN services work fine and there is no liability for their use. Unlawful acts committed using anonymizers, VPN or TOR are punished.

Restrictions apply in Russia and China. However, some foreign companies ignored them and still provide access to blocked sites.

The channel speed for VPN’a is a relative value and depends on many factors. And the cost of a service can change both upward and downward, and what it will be at the moment of reading this text is difficult to predict. However, there are several objective criteria that point to top VPN.

Best VPN Providers to Consider in 2022



Best for: professional ransomware.
Works on: Windows, Mac, Linux; Android; iOS.
Countries: 94.
Maximum devices: 5.


  • kill switch;
  • relatively high speed;
  • split tunneling;
  • data processing without buffering.


  • limited number of connections;
  • high price.

ExpressVPN bills itself as the fastest service in the world. There is everything – browser extensions for chrome-like browsers and Firefox, applications for mobile devices and PCs, routers with a pre-installed service and the ability to manually configure the router. There is no free version, but there is a service for a guaranteed refund within 30 days. That is, you can take a subscription, use it for a month, and then request a refund without giving any reason.

The service is registered in the British Virgin Islands and it is impossible to legally force it to disclose information. You can safely work with ExpressVPN even in China – cybersecurity experts assure that there were no leaks there either.



Best for: professional ransomware.
Works on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.
Countries: 62.
Maximum devices: 6.


  • double connection, in which your traffic goes through 2 different servers and is encrypted twice;
  • built-in CyberSec protection blocks any ads;
  • Emergency shutdown can be configured to block all traffic and data flow from individual applications;
  • supported by Tor over VPN;
  • there are dedicated IPs.

The disadvantage is the limited number of connections.

NordVPN guarantees a 30-day refund. That is, you can try and then refuse to use. The traffic is encrypted. There is an emergency shutdown, and in two versions. Servers are grouped by type: for streaming video and streaming sites, and for torrents.

NordVPN is registered in Panama and does not log the activity of its users. It works stably in China, Saudi Arabia and Iran.



Best for: a wide range of users.
Works on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.
Countries: 210.
Maximum devices: 5.


  • large server network;
  • fast connections;
  • available 24/7 online chat;
  • the ability to open stable access to Netflix.


  • presence of logs;
  • limited number of connections.

If you need a VPN to protect yourself from geo-spoofing, escape censorship, and access Netflix content bypassing geoblocks, then HMA is a great option. HMA provides strong security for your connection so you can work with peace of mind even on the most suspicious public Wi-Fi networks.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a VPN that provides you with maximum anonymity, then it is better to keep looking. The fact is that HMA is a British company that also partially keeps logs, and this, of course, does not in any way correlate with complete privacy.

Downloading and installing HMA apps on your device is extremely easy, and the whole process takes no more than a couple of minutes.

HMA applications have a user-friendly and well thought-out interface. Through the app’s settings, you can change your connection settings, but this is not necessary – you can simply use the Lightning Connect feature instead.



Best for: a wide range of users.
Works on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Xbox, PlayStation, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, etc.
Countries: 65.
Maximum devices: unlimited.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • free versions for Android, iOS and macOS;
  • wide functionality for safe and anonymous work;
  • the ability to unblock Netflix US and other streaming services;
  • stable connection;
  • connection of an unlimited number of devices;
  • a log of user actions on the Internet is not kept;
  • round-the-clock technical support.


  • not the largest number of available servers compared to leading providers;
  • not all applications have full functionality.

VPN SurfShark is an effective way to protect your digital life. By installing this software on your computer or browser, you will get instant and secure access to the content you need. Activating SurfShark allows you to classify your real location and confidential data. SurfShark also removes blockages on sites that were previously blocked for the user by geolocation or because of a personal ban.

Available countries include Great Britain, USA, Australia, China, European countries, etc. Each server has a private DNS. At the same time, SurfShark adheres to a strict no-log policy, due to which user data will remain classified.



Best for: a wide range of users.
Works on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.
Countries: 50.
Maximum devices: 10.


  • relatively high speed;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • low prices;
  • well organized support service.

The disadvantage is the limited number of connections.

Despite its young age, this VPN is already one of the market leaders. The company’s developments are supported by experts in the field of network management, IP technologies and the latest Internet communications. The company was founded on simple principles – an affordable VPN service and satisfied customers. To keep its promises, the provider has grown over the years into a major player in the market with a large workforce and one of the fastest VPNs. At the moment the company has offices in the USA and Europe, and their network exceeds 180 servers in more than 60 countries of the world.

The provider works with OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols with 256-bit encryption. Their network is impressive, with servers spanning over 60 countries and the number is constantly growing. Also, importantly, being in close proximity to the server does not in any way affect the speed, although for many other providers this often leads to interruptions in work.

Thus, smoothly moving on to speed. I will add that the provider easily copes with Internet video services and torrents, when using which the data transfer speed is noticeably degraded. To my surprise, I saw nothing of the kind. In addition, in the “educational program” the provider popularly explains where and for what reasons the speed can fluctuate above average and how to deal with it.

A high-quality educational program and 24/7 support service are always at hand. We go into the software, a map of servers opens, and then everything is as in the textbook, we connect to the desired server, get a new IP address and become invisible on the network.

Like the rest of the providers, IPVanish is just as good or better at keeping customers online as it does its competitors. This service masks the IP address completely and completely, so you can feel comfortable on the Internet. As an additional safeguard against hackers, it also has a NAT firewall. Unlike some VPN services, the provider does not store the history of client sessions, but at the same time confirms the fact that it records where, who and from where connected to the servers of their network.


How to choose the right VPN for me?

Let’s take a closer look at each criterion that needs to be guided when choosing.

Each country has its own laws and ideas about freedom of speech or certain content. It is always preferable to choose a VPN that is located in a different country from yours. Better in third world countries with more or less normal Internet infrastructure, such as Panama, where they are quite loyal to some things.

Many services rip their clothes off and swear that they do not store any logs, but trust me, logs are saved anyway. The question is how long and what exactly is stored. VPN services that keep logs for no more than 12 hours are preferable. And they store only connection information in the logs.

Usually, all services merge all information about the client with an order in hand. However, some VPN services claim they do not cooperate on any pretext with intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies. Reinforcing this by the fact that their servers are out of the reach of the special services. But when you pay with Webmoney, Kiwi or Paypal, you shine your information, there is little point in such a VPN. It is preferable to opt for a service that provides an opportunity to pay for services using Bitcoin.

How much does a VPN cost?

Get ready to give away approximately $ 9-12 per month or receive discounts up to 75% on long-term partnerships.

How does VPN work?

To simplify, a VPN server device can be compared to a regular computer, only it has more powerful functional properties and is designed for other tasks. To connect to a VPN, you need access or a VPN client, a program that encrypts user data. After you run the program, it will give the command to collect various servers into a single chain – first your device will connect to one server, then to another, and so on several times until you get a secure transition to the desired site.

For example, observers will think that the page is viewed by a user who is located in the southwest of Europe, but in fact our user is physically located in the southeast. Thus, locks are bypassed.

What is the most secure VPN for privacy?

It’s hard to tell what is the best VPN. However, NordVPN Anonymous VPN can be called the top VPN in the world.

  1. No information is stored at all. The service does not use HDD for data storage.
  2. It is under the jurisdiction of Panama. We do not provide information because we do not have it.
  3. Requests are ignored.
  4. Payment methods – electronic payments, PayPal, 2CHECKOUT. We are now implementing Bitcoin. The only condition is that a valid e-mail is required.

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